I, ____________________________________________________________________, authorize Nevada Quick Divorce
to charge $__________________to the credit card designated below for typing services and/or court costs
for ________________________________________________________ (client’s name). I understand that
Nevada Quick Divorce will process the charge immediately and that any cancellation of services at a
later date will not be entitled to a refund of services, only pre-paid court costs that have not been expended.
Once the papers have been typed Nevada Quick Divorce’s fees have been fully earned and no
refund will be given.

I waive receipt of the papers and authorize delivery of said papers to:
Name: _________________________________________________ E-mail Address: _____________________________
Address: _______________________________________________ City, State: _________________________________

I further declare that the signature appearing below is identical with the signature on this credit card.
Name on Card ___________________________________________
Billing Address __________________________________________ Zip Code _____________

By submitting this form I acknowledge that I have read, understand and agree to all disclosures and
terms as contained in this document.

_____ I Agree     _____ I Disagree (check one).

By submitting this form to Nevada Quick Divorce I am authorizing the charge to my
credit card for this purchase, the same as if I had personally signed a credit card purchase/payment
receipt and I will be responsible for all collection fees and any other fees associated with the collection
of my payment, should it become necessary.

Date of Authorization: __________________________ Telephone Number: ____________________________
Signature of Card Holder: ___________________________

Please fax to (775) 787-8272


Joint Petition – when both parties sign and agree Complaint – when the other party will not sign or cannot be found
Nevada Divorce $270 deposit required $390 deposit required
Nevada Annulment $390 deposit required $490 deposit required

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