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Las Vegas is a beautiful city with lots of fun and entertainment. Even though most visitors are able to stay in control and enjoy themselves, some wind up having a little too much fun. As a result, they often get caught up in the moment of the fast-paced atmosphere and make decisions they regret. And when it comes to young couples who think they’re in love, the bad decisions they sometimes make is to just “go for it,” opting for a same-day-marriage solution. The result is that they end up getting a really quick and easy marriage that they soon realize was a big mistake.

While the thought of getting married in Las Vegas may seem to be a quick solution, not all marriages involve true love. Instead, some individuals are drawn to the big city because of the lights, casinos, money and beautiful girls. Moreover, alcohol combined with the fast-paced nature of Las Vegas may cause some couples to rush into a commitment without considering compatibility issues.

Obtaining a Las Vegas Marriage Annulment

When you obtain an annulment, it’s as though you were never married. And when you obtain a Las Vegas Annulment, the end result is usually no different that other states. The difference lies in the fact that it’s usually much easier to obtain a signed decree in Nevada. Unlike a divorce, once the Las Vegas annulment decree is signed, you are now legally entitled to call yourself “single” rather than “divorced.” An annulment is sometimes called a “Decree of Nullity.”

Marriage Annulment in Reno

A marriage annulment in Reno is no different than a marraige annulment anywhere else in Nevada. A Reno marriage license is easy to obtain and most wedding chapels will help you with the paperwork. Marriage licenses issued by any county in Nevada are valid throughout the state, and Nevada now issues marriage licenses to same sex couple.