Annulment Qualifications


How to Qualify For Nevada Annulment . . .

Annulment Qualifications

Understanding annulment qualifications for allowing annulment of marriage in the state of Nevada will aid you in the process and help you to better understand your rights under Nevada law. Please read this page and review the all of the following information to see if you qualify.

General Nevada Requirements

All couples who want to annul their marriage in Nevada must satisfy two basic requirements before filing for annulment. First, you must either have been married in Nevada, or one spouse must be a resident of the state for at least six weeks prior to filing the complaint. Second, at least one of the legal grounds necessary for obtaining an annulment must be met.

First: What is a Legal Resident?

Before initiating an annulment in the courts, you need to make sure the court will have proper jurisdiction over your case. This means you must meet certain resident requirements.

To become a Nevada resident means that you will have to spend some time in Nevada to get certain things organized in order to meet the requirements. A legal address for residency means that you must have a street address, not a PO box or private mailbox. All 50 states generally have the same rules when establishing residency in a different state, however, it’s important that you contact us so we can check any specific details that may apply to your specific needs.

To avoid your case from being dismissed, make sure that you contact us so we can determine if you meet the Nevada residency requirements. You will need to have a Nevada resident sign a 2-page affidavit (Resident Witness Affidavit) stating that they have seen you living in Nevada for at least 6 weeks. But don’t worry too much about this, as we will help you in the process of getting this done. You don’t need to show a Nevada driver’s license, utility bill, paycheck or anything else to prove that you’re a resident of Nevada.

“A common misconception people have is believing they must
file for an annulment only in the state in which they live, but also in the state in which
they were married. This is not true.”

Second: What is The Reason?

You need more than just slight regret to get annuled in Nevada. The state will annul your marriage if you or your spouse falls into a certain category. For instance, your marriage can be considered void if the marriage involved relatives, or one party was drunk during marriage, health issues, age issues,. or dishonesty by one party before the marriage. Below are a list of possible scenarios;

  • Intoxication/Substance Abuse
  • Insanity when married
  • Parties Related by Blood
  • No Consent of a Parent and you were under age 18
  • Either party had another wife or husband Still Living
  • Either party Married to obtain Green Card
  • Either Party was Illegal Alien who could be Deported
  • Broke Promise to apply for U.S. citizenship
  • The parties failed to live together following Marriage
  • Either party engaged in Adultery
  • A parties’ earlier Divorce Was Because of Adultery
  • A party refused to have sexual relations after the Marriage
  • A party engaged in abnormal sexual relations
  • A party has worked as a prostitute
  • Either party refused to have children
  • Either party was sexually unable to perform
  • Either party suffered from sterility or infertility
  • The wife did not disclose she was pregnant by another man
  • The wife represented she was pregnant, but was not
  • Either party was homosexual
  • Either party is of poor moral character or has a disreputable job
  • Either party physically abused the other party
  • Either party hid child(ren) from other relationship
  • Either party hid past criminal conduct
  • Either party forced the other party to marry him/her
  • Either party did not disclose a health problem or disease
  • Either party has a form of mental illness/was hospitalized in mental health facility
  • Either party suffered from alcohol or drug addiction
  • Either party suffered from a gambling addiction
  • Either party only married to gain access to other’s wealth while engaging in relations with another person
  • Either party only married to have access to spouse’s money
  • Either party broke a promise to have a church ceremony
  • Either party misstated his/her religious conviction
  • Either party misstated an intention to follow the other’s religion
  • Either party is Roman Catholic and other party withheld he/she was divorced

We’re Here To Help

We will help you to meet the annulment qualifications. After 30 years of providing annulment services, our success rate is almost 100%. Therefore, we guarantee the annulment will be signed by the court. Simply complete the Questionnaire to start the process.

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