Famous Celebrity Annulments

Famous Celebrity Annulments

Baywatch Beauty “Carmen Electra” and NBA Star “Dennis Rodman”

In November of 1998, Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman were married in Las Vegas. Nine days later, Rodman filed for an annulment citing fraud and unsound mind. According to reports, Rodman was at a party where he was supposedly on a “binge,” or “bender” as some put it, and within 24 hours, the NBA star and Electra were Man and Wife.

It hasn’t been discussed much in detail what was really meant by “fraud,” however,
Rodman claimed that he was drunk at the actual ceremony.

Carmen Electra was a model for Playboy and also worked as an actress where she
portrayed a beautiful lifeguard in the hit series Baywatch. Electra stated “People couldn’t understand why I loved him,” and implied that she loved him not only because he had a reputation for being a “bad boy,” but that he was a “gentle giant” in a lot of pain, making it easier for her to understand him.

“Our relationship was very passionate. When it was good, it was amazing,” and when it was bad, it was the worst.”

Electra seemed to have been incredibly attached to Rodman for a number of reasons. Dennis Rodman was an NBA star, cross-dresser, and a motorcycle enthusiast, however, in spite of their very passionate relationship that seemed to work at times, the couple split and finally divorced about a year after the

Musical Entertainer “Britney Spears” and Boyfriend “Jason Alexander”

Here is yet another Las Vegas marriage that went straight down the tubes. In January of 2004, Britney Spears married Jason Allan Alexander in a Las Vegas’s Little White Wedding Chapel. Despite the fact that Spears knew Alexander as a childhood friend from her hometown of Kentwood Louisiana, she claimed that they did not know each other’s likes and dislikes, each other’s desires to have or not have children, and each other’s desires as to state of residency. This, according to the petition.

“It was just crazy, man, and we were just looking at each other and said, ‘Let’s do something wild, crazy. Let’s go get married, just for the hell of it.'”

Britney Spears’ decision to have her marriage annulled resulted in a signed petition on the same day that her marriage occurred, just hours after the actual ceremony. Altogether, the marriage
asted just a little over two days and might qualify as being among the shortest celebrity marriages in the history of Sin City.

Senator Edward Kennedy

Senator Edward Kennedy, the Massachusetts Democrat, received an annulment from his wife Joan, after stating that he wasn’t honest when he took the vow to be faithful. He received an annulment from the Catholic Church, however, the annulment was not public knowledge until the 1990’s when he married his second wife, Victoria Reggie.

Kennedy’s nephew, Joseph Kennedy II, also had his marriage annulled about the same time. He annul a marriage to Sheila Rauch Kennedy after their divorce in 1991.